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Kratom in the State of Washington

Cold, wet winters and hot, dry summers force many Washington State residents to visit their doctor for treatment of health problems that are worsened by extremes in temperatures. Mid-summer heat waves always fill doctor's offices with people seeking medications for relief from hot weather health issues associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and respiratory ailments. Fatigue, chronic headache and loss of energy are two of the most common complaints heard by doctors during Washington State heatwaves. Unfortunately, most of these problems are addressed with prescription medications that generally do little to alleviate these symptoms.

Alternately, arctic cold fronts sweeping down from Canada during winter means that Washington residents suffer cold-related health problems relating to their muscles, joints and energy levels. In addition, sustained temperatures below freezing tend to interfere with the ability of the immune system to function optimally, leading to outbreaks of influenza and pneumonia across the state between December and April.

Medications prescribed by doctors for weather-related health conditions are expensive, hostile to the body's physiological systems and minimally effective. By only providing temporary relief, prescription medications do not really offer the proven ability to adequately relieve symptoms of seasonal health complaints like Kratom can.

Kratom is an alternative medicine that has been used by indigneous peoples of several Asian countries for hundreds of years to naturally ease a wide variety of health problems. Traditionally, Kratom leaves are either chewed for their medicinal benefits or dried and powdered for use in teas and foods. Benefits of Kratom primarily come from two alkaloids called mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, which are both mu-opioid receptor agonists. This means that when Kratom alkaloids stimulate these receptors, people experience the advantages of the body's natural pain relievers and healing processes as Kratom facilitates release of neurotransmitters and hormonesbeneficial to overall health.

Health Benefits Provided by Kratom

  1. Increases energy and stamina (Kratom also contains antioxidants involved with eliminating fatigue and enhancing cognition)
  2. Kills pathogens responsible for gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting)
  3. Lowers blood pressure by positively treating the cardiovascular system with epicatechin, an alkaloid found to reduce symptoms of hypertension is studies performed by Thai researchers.
  4. Relieves migraine, muscle and joint pain by soothing distressed muscles and ligaments with analgesic alkaloids.
  5. Suppresses appetite to aid in weight loss programs

Because the mitragynine in Kratom boosts mood and eases anxiety, this safe and effective herb is an excellent alternative to prescribed antidepressants that do not work or cause distressing side effects in people suffering from mild depression, insomnia or nervousness.

Diabetics who have trouble controlling their blood sugar usually have high blood pressure due to increased blood viscosity. By lowering high blood pressure with Kratom, blood glucose levels are more easily controlled, which may alleviate certain medical conditions that are exacerbated by diabetes.

Kratom capsules are popular among users while some prefer to consume it as a tea or sprinkled on food. Additionally, the versatility of Kratom dosage allows people to experience the benefits of Kratom as a stimulant or as a relaxing agent. Low doses of Kratom provide mental and physical stimulation while slightly higher doses treat anxiety, insomnia and pain.

Kratom capsules are the most convenient method of taking Kratom and have a long shelf life. People do not like the bitter taste of Kratom powder and who also like to closely monitor their intake of Kratom prefer using capsules containing predetermined dosages.

Safe, legal and effective, Kratom will make living through the extreme weather in Washington State more enjoyable, affordable and healtheir for residents of the Evergreen State.

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